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Our clients are able to do more, be happier and feel
supported because of those very special, intangible
qualities that come only from genuinely caring.




















It is the exceptional standard of care that inspired the creation of Dutiful Daughters nearly eighteen years ago. What is important about the service we provide is the thoughtfulness, dedication, flexibility, reliability and finding the simple ways to enhance life for Clients of all cultural, social or ethnic backgrounds..

We pride ourselves on our ability to create care services that align to your own specific needs. Our lifestyle and in-home care and support offers you the opportunity to choose from our range of services or to create your own unique blend of services that meet your specific needs.

Please refer to our current competitive home care package and subsidy fees below to accommodate you and your loved one during this time of need.


Following are samples of the variety of care we can and do deliver for our clients:

  • Daily Support – your day starts as your Care Worker arrives with the morning papers and prepares you a cup of tea. If you need assistance with your personal care the Care Worker will provide support with consideration to your privacy. Whilst you enjoy your breakfast your Care Worker will make your bed and do a general tidy up. If you have an appointment or need some chores attended to, they will ensure you are taken safely into the community. Maybe you need to take a short stroll to accomplish your exercise regime before returning for your lunch. You will then be on your own (if you desire) and your Care Worker will return to prepare your evening meal and ensure you are tucked in at night.
  • Daily support – our Care Worker will help with some morning chores and be there whilst you have your shower, before taking you out for a morning stroll or pick up some shopping. They will prepare your cooked lunch and ensure you are safe. You might like them to leave a little something in the fridge for your evening meal before they leave you to your afternoon alone.
    Or you might appreciate some support when you have visitors for lunch or dinner and your Care Worker can provide that extra pair of hands to prepare the meal, assist with serving it, and tidy up.
  • Occasional Care – we help with your main meal of the day, either at lunch or dinner. Our holistic and personalised support plan helps maintain healthy eating, well balanced meals and just knowing someone is there 3-5 days per week. Your Care Worker will plan with you how you enjoy your meals and ensure a good balanced diet for you and be there at a time that suits your needs.
  • Pamper care – need to go to your weekly appointment at the hairdressers, beautician or gym. We will support you to get there and more… How about we do some shopping with or for you? Plan an outing to the theatre or local gallery, meet some friends for lunch or a game of bridge. We can profile you with a suitable Care Worker that will support you whilst maintaining your independence.
  • Personal Assistance/ PA  – we can provide support to take you to an appointment and collect you, book your holiday, plan those medical appointments or assist you with your paperwork. Sometimes it just gets difficult and you need someone to get you back on track. You can consider your Care Worker as your PA/EA assistance team. You can trial it for a week or a day and see the benefits to you.
  • Live in Care – when you realise you need someone in the home for a week, a month or just when you come home after a procedure and your clinician or family are concerned that you are a little unsteady on your feet. Let our highly skilled and personally selected Care Workers be there to jump or fetch for you. If you are unsteady during the night or need someone nearby then this is the ideal package for you.
  • Back on your feet care – for those people that have recently been discharged from hospital and need a driver to take you to your physio, or rehab appointments then this is the ideal support package. You might just need someone to be nearby when you are showering as you are at a risk of falls. Our aim is to get you back to living independently and safely. Our holistic approach doesn’t take away your independence but enhances your lifestyle.
  • Check list – have you always wanted to do something and it seems unachievable – no one to take you, you can’t get there, or you just need a companion to help you? We will help you achieve those goals and ensure you embrace the world.

To design your own specific level of support, contact us and one of our genuinely caring team will come and meet with you to discuss your individual needs and ensure that we can find the suitable Care Worker, Nurse or team to assist you. We have both Male and Female field staff to suit your needs. 

Lifestyle & Home Care Packages


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