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Clinical & Hospital Care

Working collaboratively with your clinicians
to positively impact your outcome.


Dutiful Daughters can support you to stay in your own home, facility or hospital environment.  We can deliver the most appropriate Nursing care that you may require, meeting your clinical needs to ensure a positive outcome. The clinical services we provide are for people with complex health issues or require nursing support. We work in consultation with your clinicians and therapists to plan the appropriate Nursing requirements and ensure your home is set up with the most practical equipment.

To ensure you receive personalised care our Nursing team will:

  • Assess your needs and goals;
  • Liaise with your clinicians;
  • Plan the requirements;
  • Implement the care;
  • Evaluate and identify outcomes.

The Dutiful Daughters Nursing staff have the experience and expertise to ensure you can focus on healing or with advanced illnesses, and are kept comfortable and well informed.  Services can be carried out so you can stay in your own home, facility or hospital environment as there are times where you might need a little more assistance. One to one nursing care can be arranged in nursing homes, hospitals or in a hospice if you can’t be left alone or there are times when family cannot be with you.

We also provide Palliative Care delivered by our team of highly skilled and experienced Registered Nurses and Care Workers to enrich the care and support provided as approaching end of life. We recognise the underlying intention of Palliative Care is to neither hasten nor postpone death and Dutiful Daughters utilise a multi-disciplinary approach, working alongside GPs, specialists and community Palliative Care teams ensuring you and your family are provided the best care possible. 

Clinical & Hospital Care Services


Nursing Care

Dedicated nursing care delivered by a team of skilled and proficient Registered Nurses all across Sydney.

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Post-surgery &
Transition Care

Post-surgery and transition care when recovering after major and minor surgeries or when convalescing from an illness or hospital stay.

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Wound & Skin Care

Tailored  wound and skin care management programs administered by our team of highly competent and capable Registered Nurses.

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Palliative Care

Short and long-term palliative and end of life care delivered by a team of highly skilled, experienced and empathetic Registered Nurses and Care Workers.

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